7 Reasons Why The "8020" Is The Perfect Backpack For Any Outdoor Activities

After collecting over $300,000 with a  successful crowdfunding campaign, Expedition / Units Project 8020 is now available, and it tick all the boxes for waterproof backpacks; here are our 7 reasons why.

1. Protect The Equipment In All Weather Conditions

Thanks to the high frequency welding process, the backpack is completely waterproof even when submerged.

Therefore, your equipment is safe and you can confidently carry on with your activities without worrying about water damage.

2. Durable

The 8020 backpack is made with AWPE 600® (All Weather Performance Eco-fabric) a super durable fabric obtained from recycled material, fit to withstand any wear and tear.

It is abrasion-resistant and does not stiffen even at temperatures below zero.
At the same time, it is soft to the touch and comfortable to use.
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3. Versatile

It is suitable for outdoor active pursuits such as trekking, climbing, kayaking, or wildlife photography, but also any urban activity.

Thanks to a large 23-liter capacity (expandable to 28 liters) and a laptop and digital equipment compartment, it is equally suitable for your daily shopping or a weekend adventure.

4. Minimal Design

The 8020 takes its name from the famous 80/20 Pareto principle.
The principle states that 20% of causes produce 80% of effects.

The backpack has been designed in such a way that the bare minimum can ensure maximum functionality.

It also has a modern utilitarian and military-inspired design.

5. Sustainable

The main material of the 8020 backpack is obtained from the recycling of plastic bottles.

It is a sustainable yet premium-quality material. 

Each Product Sold Equals 4 Kg Recycled Plastic Bottles

6. Promoting circular economy

Expedition Units donates part of its profits to the "Plastic Exchange" initiative, which strives to clean the island of Bali in Indonesia from the accumulation of plastic.

In exchange for plastic collected by the villagers, they hand out rice. 

This produces a dual effect: the environment is cleaned, while the needy locals are provided with sustenance.

7. Uncompromising Quality & Affordable Price

Thanks to a manufacturing approach that cuts intermediaries and the use of crowdfunding to finance the project, Expedition Units can offer a top-quality product at an affordable price – not overpriced like most brands.

How To Get The 8020 Waterproof Backpack?

Thanks to our partnership with Expedition / Units, you can access a special deal with free shipping and dispatch within 24 hours.

Ever since this story was featured, it has skyrocketed in popularity, and with so many people wanting one, the company is now offering an exclusive $50 discount for a limited time.
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